COA Certification for Academic Institutions

Preparing students for the global economy is a daunting task. Not only must students today master professional skills for success in the market, but also it is important that they have a global mindset. Cultural savvy is foundational to understanding markets, people, industries, and business models globally.

COA Certified Practitioners utilize our assessment and learning solutions to embed cross-cultural competence in the academic curriculum. In a consultative relationship, solutions are mapped precisely to the academic requirements of the individual faculty and the institution.

Thunderbird School of Global Management is using TMC’s Cultural Orientations Indicator® assesment to help more than 1,200 students each year become global leaders.

Read the Case Study and listen to Podcast from the students here >>

2014 COA Certification Pricing for COA Certification:

The cost of becoming COA certified for academic partners at the Thunderbird sessions: $2,350 (3-5 attendees) – 2,000 (6-10 attendees) – 1,650 (11-14 attendees)